Polarized sun glasses????

Im looking for a great pair of polarized sun glasses. So many to choose from. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
I need some too and was concidering purchasing these...hope it works! $129. + the $50 for the 400 glass green mirror amber base. What do you think? Does any one have these, and how do you like em?
http://www.outdoorproshop.com/Costa-Del ... rigate.htm
If you are lookin to spend some money then Oakley and Costa Del Mar have some good polarized glasses. If you want to save money then Costco has their brand for $30 or so.
Big 5 has inexpensive ones too. Not bad I wore my brothers amber's last week and they were nice, light too. But I think I can get better clarity with the more expensive ones...but new to the polorized glasses scene!
i have a couple (actually 3) costa del mar's. i think they are the best. if buying, get the 580 lens, i have the harpoon, triple tail, and mp2. perhaps a less expensive alternative would be REVO, (got a pair of these also). You may be able to get a little off by researching the internet.
If I had to buy over again I'd def get the Costa 580s. I have some Ocean Waves. They are well know in Florida, but they press against the side of my head. I keep thinking about getting some Costas, but instead I buy another rod or reel or tackle. lol

Raggamuffin, check eBay. There are few store with @100% rating that sell Costas at a good discount.
Well if your like me and scratch and brake sunglasses a lot I would recommend these

http://www.fishforless.com/POLARIZED_SP ... asses.html

http://www.fishforless.com/Fishing_Glas ... _King.html

You can get them at Walmart for $15
I go through 5-6 pairs a year
I like them because I dont have to worry about braking them or scratching them
And they are great Polarized glasses
I like the no rim on the bottom to block your view

Other wise go for the Oakley's
Thanks for all your help. Im going to go with the del mar 580 but witch lens should i go with?
To be honest with u...I fount the BEST GLASSES to use for Sight Fishing cause OBVIOUSLY thats what u want to do!!!!....

Oakley makes a model called:

GASCAN....Get them in POLARIZED LENZ's and ur set....Best damn pair of shades that straight PIERCE THE WATER!!!!...NO LIE!!!...Every trip out no matter the clarity!!!..They are ON!!!!....

How do they compare to the del mar 580s?
Never Owned those!!!!...Never needed tooo....Ever since I bought these there is no need to see as good as they do!!!!....

And they run around $120 now!!!! Plus they r a sick pair of shades!!!

If you go with the Costa 580s get the Green Mirror Glass. They are amber lenses, which are recommended for sight fishing. Green Mirror Glass is the one I see recommended by most anglers who own Costas.
Didn't you loose those jr..... [green] Probably got a new pair now. lol

I rock some polarized $15 blu blockers... :D
Oakley has come out with a set of polarized fishing specific lenses, I own 2 pair the and theyre great, the shallow blue lens color is incredible for cutting glare on the water, Oakley also allows you to put these lenses in multiple different frames, Im looking into getting a 3rd pair thats how much I like em.
I bought mine at the Fox outlet in Gilroy for $60 bucks. Click the link below - Made by Hoven.

My advice would be to pick up a pair in the $30 range that are marketed to snowboarders. They'll have good glare reduction, will be light-weight and comfortable, and should be very durable plastic. Plus, they're designed to wrap around tight to the face to block the wind, a feature you shouldn't overlook cause it makes a big difference while you're running.
yep that's why I like the Strike King glasses.
Light wait, rubber nose rest( very comfortable) curved full face
Adjustable arms length for the ears
I can wear these things all day long with no problem
For $15 I pick up a few pair at one time and am set for a long time!
I recommend Solar Bat. I lost my hi-tec $70 polarized Big-5 specials in Clearlakes wonderful 6 foot rollers in a prefish and a buddy loaned me his back-up pair. They are the Sonar frame with the Mossback lense. The frame is a little bulky but there is no light intrusion which means no glare at all. Man what a great lense for Clearlake, Delta, and all of our southbay lakes. I especially like them for sight fishing beds because you can easily see the fish light up or flare. I borrowed them for the rest of the Stren Series last season....actually I owe my buddy cuz I still have em [green] . At least check them out on their site and my pair set me back about $130. [url]Solarbat.com[/url]