pond near curtner school

Curious if anybody has ever thrown out some bait in this pond next to penitencia creek?
I grew up near this pond in Milpitas catchin crawdads and bullfrogs. Ever since I can remember, I've seen some big ass carp jump out of this pond. I fished it twice last year around Midnight with cornflakes and bread, but no bites.
ya I go out there on my lunch break some days, most of the time nothing bightin but I know there in there, cause you can see them.... You just looking to hook into some carp, or you trying to land some Bass?
I didn't even know there was bass in that pond. I would imagine their probably pretty skittish though. So you've got some bites before, that's cool. Bass bite or carp bite?
My parents live like a block away and I usually walk our dog there every day. I have personally see a couple huge catfish there.