Popped a few at calero 4-4

I managed to squeeze out a few including this nice female on a rocky flat...got her on the DS...stained water < 2ft visibility...water level prob 70 percent of capacity...
Yeah buddy
The water is level is currently (as of this reply) an amazing 39.3% and falling. Absolute bullshi7. Eff UU SCVWD.
Yup, there doing the same bullsh1t they do every year.. Water was down at least 8 feet from a couple weeks ago. Bass going shallow to stage, then they drop the water level.. Complete turd!!

Was nice to have the whole lake to ourselves yesterday "Easter" 8am-1pm not one other fishing boat out there.. Yeah buddy!!!

Set'Em Good
I got a few at Calero last week, almost the exact same conditions, all my fish came off rocky points and flats.