Poppin' em at ALP....

Grabbed a handfull from almaden lake saturday...heres a couple...biggest around 4lbs..
Outstanding catch man!
jcab wrote:
Outstanding catch man!

Thanks man...!!
Gup has ALP on lockdown...always seems to catch a few nice sized fish there!
Looking good Gup. Since you fish there a ton, do you happen to know if there ate any double digit bass in that lake? Seems like a lot of 3-4 lb. and some 6-7 lb, but don't hear much about anything bigger.
Absoloutly, Glouie.

How many? That's a different question. The lake does get fairly deep and has some pretty knarly rock out in the middle which is inaccessible now because of the no boats/float tubes deal. I've caught plenty over 6 and a few real close to 10 or just above. Those bigger fish are pretty rare in that lake, mainly because of all the fishing pressure. I've never caught any of my big ones during the "spawning season" there though, kinda weird. Anybody know if they still plan on ruining that little lake by splitting it in thirds or whatever bullshi7 they had in mind because of it being so "contaminated." How about just clean the place up and leave it alone.
Nice!!! I've gotten skunked every time I've been out there this past year, haven't been out yet. Mostly fished swimbaits or spinners, oh well. Nice catches though