Possible TS!!!!

Well we all know that YOTE will be OFF LIMITS to boats STARTING this coming Monday....So I thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone was interested!!!!..

So with this SUNDAY Jan 11th will be the last day to launch and fish from a boat @ Yote so I will b there for sure....

Was wondering if anyone here would like to do a LAST DAY @ YOTE TS!!!!....LMK....I know I will b there for sure sunday @ OPEN so if anyone wants to come join in!!!!...LMK...

THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!.....Lets see if we can get OL YOTE to COUGH UP 1 more DD b 4 she is closed!!!!....

You know Joe Joe /Missy and me are In...... [green]
I might go on Sunday
Im going on Sat
just talked to the women about going out on sunday as well.. since my co-polit will be down for the next couple of weeks from doggie spaying, she said for me to go out on the weekend and do some fishing.... plus I slept in today so I never got up and went..
So I was already thinking about going out this weekend there... so its a win win situation, as long as I get up and do it..lol
I think Im in for this JR.
Plus I have 2 new reaction bite swims baits to throw too... gotta try them out.
Come on GUYS!!!!!....Its gunna b the last DAY TO FISH YOTE FROM A BOAT....!!!!!!

Would like to see more people join in on this day!!!!....Come on GUYS WAKE UP!!!! [green] [green] [green]

Dont even gotta play for $$$ if thats the prob!!!.....Lets just get out.....Im lock stocked and ready to go!!!!....

I'll C U SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!.... [green] [green] [green] [green]

I wish I could make it but I'll be in the other town. I don't think I can talk her into coming back here again for the liek the 5th weekend in a row. She is already mad enough since I am duck hunting saturday before going over there and leaving early Sunday to duck hunt on the way home. I wish I could have made it out one more time. I almost went yesterday when I got home from Hunting, but the boat was still a little damp and I knew I would not pass inspection and I didn't have time to get it ready. Well there is still anderson and calero and of course LBC will come into play again this year or maybe it will be time to hit the Delta and Clearlake a little more often.
Ohhhh RagaMuffin... you up from a trip from the east bay down here to Gilroy?
Let me know... We can meet in Gilroy at the outlets and take one vehicle up.. LMK
I wish it was sunday already..............I want to go FISHING....... [8:)
turns out I didnt go today so Im going tomorrow see you all out thier!!!
Im there for sure.. just gased up the truck and got the rods in the boat ready to go.

come on all... its the last day of yote for 3 months... lets close it out with a bang and a double digit...

see you in the morning JR. hope some more peeps show too...
Good luck out there gentlemen. I hope you're not too crowded out with other fishermen having the same idea on the last open day.
Murf wrote:
Good luck out there gentlemen. I hope you're not too crowded out with other fishermen having the same idea on the last open day.
There where only about 7 boats total and it was all the guy's that said they where going on Sunday...By the way it was nice to see New faces and Old......I don't think anybody caught anything Nothing/Nada/Skunk/Jack/empty livewell what else can I say.........It was a nice day other wise.... lol
I stayed till the end ... and left with the same thing you did...
The guy with the nice Ranger that was drop shotting did manage one though. He got it shallow in the south end by the bouys...
It was great to meet "Kenny" from the SJB Boards too..

Weather was so-so.. actually warmed up more around 3ish....
was a windy/ breezey at times too..
otherwise it was fun to just be on the water.. tuff bite though.
same thing Nada!! But is was a nice day out their.
oh well good by yote until 4/15!!

Good to meet you guys jim sr and sons
Had fun the last day but also got the SKUNK!!!!....Along with my dad and bro!!!...

Fished 35 fow all day...2 diff hudds tied on and thrown along with a jigg!!!!....

NADA!!!!....Was wrking it as slow as possible!!!!....Graphed them but they just wernt active!!!!....Oh well maybe with no pressure for the next couple of months might make the fish a lil more hungry for our hudds n jiggs when we come back!!!!!

Was nice to meet Bassfisherman,dmun and his dad,rippn lips Mike....I know it was tuff but oh well what can ya expect this time of year!!!!....

Hope to see u guys on the water when she opens back up....

Meenwhile.......DELTA and LBC!!!!!....Think those got some TOADS in EM!!!!! lol lol lol [green] [green] [green]