Powell Rod

EXCITED LIKE A MOFO!! I bid on a Powell Inferno 704CEF rod on Ebay and i won (1st time) and i received it in like two days. Well anyway, i decided to try a senko on it and man I am in LOVE with that rod. So i went to coyote bait and tackle(1st Time) and I was like a kid in the candy store, I walked out with a Inferno 765. I ordered two 6101 and two 6104 from the guy in Prunedale. Yes, I am converted now. Urbina let me cast one of his a while ago and i been wanting them ever since.
Powells been my go to the last few years, Great bang for your buck.
its hard to spend the money when your just starting out.
but then after you think you figured it out you'll wanna upgrade.
then you gotta sale all your old gear. that's what happened to me then
I thought why didn't I just buy good quality rods in the first place.
live n learn lol.
Im glad you switched over to the powell side.
Thats the best investment ever, lol.
I agree that it's hard put down the money when you first start, but glad I finally did because I love my Powell Max 763 ML. I still have all my old stuff which comes handy when visiting family in different parts of the county.
Instead of carting everything back and forth, I left some of my old stuff so I have something to use when I visit. My daughter told me that her husband sometimes uses my poles and lures from my tackle box that I left which is fine with me. So, the next time I fly to PA to visit, all I need to pack for fishing is some new line and an assortment of lures I plan to use which I'll leave there for the next trip. :D
I just picked up a 755 endurance and a 795 endurance today.
fishing is a expensive sport shoot !!!
punching and cranking
yo peters your rods are here and they are looking good.
I just might take one for a test drive.
Urbina, i'll be picking those up soon. Lol, just be gentle with them if you do.