pre-spawn bassfishing at colemen ponds

went to colemen ponds today caught this 2 pounder on a shakey head
Nice, might head out their tomarrow or next week-end.
yea do that but try the back 2 ponds close the almaden road right next to almaden lake
Yeah ok thanks for the advice.
That's a nice video and a nice catch. Thanks for taking the time to create and share the information.
Fished here last night late afternoon to dark. It was pretty slow until about 20 minutes before dark.
Caught one dink & lost one nice one, He hit my senko, I set the hook (twice) he came to the surface, stuck his head out of the water did a couple of quick shakes of his head & spit my senko back at me.
I also saw something very big, not like White Sea Bass big but big for that pond roll on the surface 20' from were I was standing.
I fished a unweighted texas rigged senko, the faster retreives seemed to work better then the slow.
the coleman ponds have been pretty good for me. Jig, biffle head, and spinnerbait worked great for me. Some decent ones too.