Prespawn swimbait fishing

This fish weighed at 4.9 ounces. It was caught on a huddleston deluxe ROF 12. Using an IROD genesis large swim with a shimano curado 301 and 25 lb Maxima Ultra green line. This fish was a pre spawn female that was moving up to sun. She was on a big sand bar that dropped off on both sides. She hit it like a freight train.
Good job Nick, Im gonna try to go fishing tomarrow,get my first bass of the year
Sick! :D
im going to be out there tomorow as well.
got this one today doing the same thing.
good job again nick! }:(
nice fish. [8|]
Sick!!!! [8:) WTG!!
Thanks guys!! :)
I need to break out my baby hudd and wagtail and get over to the perc ponds. All those stocked trout have to be doing something for a swimbait bite.
Nice Nick!

Way to start out the season.

What lake was this?
ya the prespawn bite is on!! you all need to get out on the water and get some lines wet!
hybrid90 wrote:
What lake was this?

chesboro, just blurred it so you couldnt see the spot
I look forward to watching you on the tour in a few years if you continue to stay with it! Good job buddy.