Procedural stupidity leads to Back Ponds being closed until

The DFG Commission just voted unanimously to delay implementation of the regulation changes to open the back ponds at Shadow Cliffs for catch and release fishing until 2012 because if they implement in February 2011, they have to do an update to the DFG regulations.

This all came about because the November commission meeting was postponed or canceled for some reason. So thanks to this procedural glitch, we can look forward to another year plus with the back ponds closed FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER WHEN EVERYONE AGREES THEY SHOULD BE OPEN.

Thank you DFG Commission for closing these ponds for 2 years for NO REASON. Disgusted.
another one......


Do you see a pattern starting here?? WTF??
Disgusting!!!! Thats what that is.
Sure is a shame...
Thanks for the update.