Puddle luvn!!!!

Went out with my son for a bit @ a local
puddle.. Had 45 min to burn plus he has
been asking daddy to go fishing..Good thing
we went only one fish!! Also first bass of 2014
since we been fishn San Louie since coyote
closed... Hope the vid loads.. Fish went 7.1!!
Nice first fish and my son is how do u say it
better than "he's hooked" all he asks let's go
FISHING!!! Enjoy!!! If vid don't load I'll post pix!!

Nice fatty Jr!
nice. where is that? pm me
Jr. up to your usual tricks.....
norcalfisherman925 wrote:
nice. where is that? pm me

Can't give away all my secrets now can I?????!!!

Lol!!! Best info is it's no hidden secret & it's local

Just like those nuke ponds!!!

Vid doesn't play for me, but she's a beaut!
Nice first fish of the year. Better to have him hooked on fishing then hooked on video games or tv. Nothing's better then the great outdoors. God job!!
Really nice fish.
Thanks guys!!! Can't get vid to wrk bummer!!
But here r a few more I took of it b 4 release..
Nice fish! She's a fattie

I think the host site you used to upload the pics and video may only do photos (or maybe you clicked photo). It looks like the video is saved as an image
Way to go!
Congrats on a lunker! Even better that your son was there!
Good job on getting then started early!
Whoa.. bigger than your sons head! Congrats dude.. fat lookin' fish! [8|]
I am a Happy Happy Happy Grandpa pa That's what Braedan calls me all I hear him say now is let's go Fishin let's go fishin So proud of My Son Jim Jr.... and my Grandson Braedan ....Looking forward to us having lot's of fishing days together :) :) :)