punked striper!

My hours got cut at work for the winter so I got fridays off now....it's awesome that I can fish on fridays now!

Straps and I went to the delta to chase some linesides. First hour we got three blow ups each. I hooked and landed this monster on a 9" lunker punker.

Da mn, I love me some stripers. I had to turn trolling motor up and go away from the fish cause she was coming at me full speed. Then she got in to open water and took off.....zingggggg, zing...so sick! I kept pressure but made sure the fish had enough drag. Finally tired her out, she barely fit in my net. Then the craziness starts...haha. My frikin scale batteries died right then, my camera somehow took a crap too. [8|] So my biggest striper ever I can't even weigh it and I don't have a good picture. I measured her at 35", estimated her at about 15lbs, thanked here and let her go. [green] We caught a few other smaller stripers throughout the day as well. Can't wait to get out again.
do work homes --nice fish
My fish was 35'' and 17.4lbs yours appears to have a bigger gut, I think it might be 18-19lbs.
son of a #$#%$# lol It was big, it was awesome!
thanks dudes.
Thats a good one, i threw the punker at san luis with no love all day yesterday
Jerbs..nice catch and good estimate. My PB striper was 32" 14lbs outta of the forebay lol
What kinda set up ya using when tossing the Lunker for stripes???? [?]
Nice fish jerbs!
I paid good money for that spot fool. You owe me.

Nice fish mayng!
Nice Fish I wish I had more time to go,one of these day's, god I like catching those big girl's.......
thanks dudes...still thinking about that ziiiiinggggg....so awesome!

I was using my swimbait set up.
okuma 7'6 H
301 Cardiff
25lb big game

Don't know how regular bass gear woulda handled this beast!
Nice fish JERBS!!!!!

Now that u got fridays off we gotta get out man......

HAhahahahahaha....bout the batteries in the scale reminds me of 2 weeks ago at Yote!!!!.....

Thanks for the info Jerbs [8:)
Dang Jerbs!! I know you told me you were looking for her, and I guess you found her, without even getting salty!! SWEET !!!!!

What's next? A 25+pounder??

Dink (Ken)
WTG, Nice catch! I have yet to get mine...one day!

Ken, I haven't found her yet. I want that 20+, then 25+...yada, yada....haha. Stripers are so frickin awesome! Your ultra lite pole would get a work out for sure! lol