Quarry Lakes 11-11 Veterans Day Extravaganza

Well, the extravaganza was referring to the number of people there, which far outnumbered the fish.

Showed up looking to target some bass and saw the shoreline filled with people fishing for trout. Forgot they do trout plants. Didn’t see a single catch. Several boats and kayaks out too.

Did see a good number of trout swim right near shore, no sign of being skittish of my presence. Changed up my spinning setup to a rooster tail and had zero takers. Only one swam after it. Others just ignored the bait.

As for bass, got no bites in that category. Three drop shot, jigs, trig senko, lipless and square bill cranks. Next time need to get a trout imitation swim baits??

For fishing Chabot Ive definitely heard of the “throw big trout imitation baits” strategy, especially post-plant.

lol. bucket brigade out in force. check out this panorama I captured of the Quarry shoreline this week.

Another trout plant this week according to east bay Anglers Edge