Quarry lakes - 4/4

Stopped off at quarry lakes after work today from about 4:30-7pm. Got 3 largemouth out of Rainbow with the largest about 2 lbs and got 2 smallmouth out of horseshoe and both were 2.5 lbs. It was my first time bass fishing there and I really enjoyed getting those smallmouth, they fight like hell. All 5 fish were on senkos and it was pretty windy. Didn't bring the camera this time so I didn't get any pictures.
Solid post bro! i don't bank it much but that's one of those places i wouldn't mind hoofin' it and going after them bronzies!
well i figured out how to get the picture off my crappy cell phone haha. This guy was 2.5 lbs and 16-17 inches long....hope to get back and find some more of these guys [green]
nice fish man, not too often getting those smallies around here.
Dude, that is bad ass, I have a buddy who lives in Hayward and is always asking me about going fishing with him there, looks like I will have to take him up on that invite. Thanks for the informative post. good job man.
good fish man, the wind usually howls out there so i tend to stick to reaction bites, but thats pretty cool you slowed down and got the senko workin. hopefully i see ya out there one of these days