Quarry Smallies

Well now that duck season is over it's time to get back to fishing.

I was thinking of heading over to quarry lake in fremont and look at catching some smallies.

Has anybody been by there? How is the water clarity? and is anybody having luck whether that would be trout or bass.

Thanks guys!
water is still murky from the rain.
The trout bight is always hit and miss, with the lakes filling up so fast recently, it kinda shut off the bass bight.

Key is to find all that sunken structure now... ;)
Could you give me directions to the quarry please. Would like to check them out.
Found them. Thanks
I went there one time. I didn't even know they had smallies in it! I used to live right next to Quarry way before they built it. I wanna try that place out once the bass bite starts picking up.
This place used to be great before they opened the park. Now it gets pressured everyday by bankers looking for trout.

I have a love- hate relation with these lakes in Fremont, Love them cause there two blocks away, and hate them cause the bight is always tough.

If anyone makes it out this way, let me know and I can show you around. 8-)
hey where are these quarry ponds at??? ive heard of them but never been
http://maps.yahoo.com/print?ard=1&v3=0& ... us=1.09450

Check it out
sweet i definatly need to go check it out