Quarry Tomorrow....

Prolly get there around 7:30-8:00, parking in the Trail lot. Hit me up if anyone else is going out.
I'll headout tomorrow, I might bring the tube too.
I'll have to pass. Need to do laundry for packing for the trip to CL this weekend. I'll bring back reports and pictures... (8-|
Bank Walker, you catch anything? I thing we would have been better off catch carp
dude, in like a few weeks the carp will be thrashing in the shallows, keep your I out for the Koi.
I saw about 15-20 carps in the back pond today, threw everything I had at them, even the rock next to me.
Didn't catch nothing, i wish i knew what the water temp is cause it can't be 55 yet. I only saw one fish from the bank. Hopefully in a couple weeks it will be on, I think I'll only fish in the evening this week when the water has time to heat up all day and the wind is breaking up the surface. It was glass out there this morning.
Who's home today and thinking about going out to the quarry? Thinking of throwing some brush hogs and shakey heads for a few hrs from 1030-1230 hrs. Parking at the trail and walking in to the rainbaow pond shallows in the north east section heading west across the north bank. the water should be warmer there and wind blocked most of the week. Maybe the females have move over there. Looking for the warmest water in the shallows I can find. I am going to tie on my Hoochiemomma and watch it 's action. Dying to test it out and get it wet. It's so nice I almost don't want to fish it for fear of messing it up or loosing it. I can always buy a replacement.
ya I think a road trip is a good Idea. Then when we get skunked somewhere else, The east bay lakes will look good again....ha!

Sacramento huh, lets set something up.... My b-day is the weekend of the 25th and comming fast, maybe then?
Its a lot warmer up there (water) and alot of ponds to hit within a 10 mile radius. Its something different. Rick I'll hit you up closer to your B-day.