rat pack number 2

Mini rat pack has begun only 2 colors left to get silver and nasty shad here I come
I know you like buying these rats. I like buying new toys. Can you show some fish caught with these rats? Not being a jerk. Just wondering?
Ok laz so all these fish were caught on spro bbz1 rat 50. I haven't used the rat 40 yet but believe me as soon as I do catch fish on the 40 ull see the pics
Just curious, how come you are always posting your new lures on this part of the forum? You do realize there is a whole different section for this right? Not hating, just asking a valid question.
Lol I dunno just lazy and not a lot of ppl look at that section
I don't quite understand the rat obsession and the need to own every model and color, but to each is own brotha'. You are now officially southbayarearatman to me. [green]
I got on a big Huddleston (and other big baits)kick and realized that I didn't have the patience to chuck it a million times for that one big fish. Oh, and I was introduced to saltwater fishing by "Lil'Bone", where 10-50 lb fish can be had close to shore on a fairly regular basis. So if anyone wants some brand new still in package Huddies, drop me a PM. I have a good selection.
Good news is that my rod that I bought for chuckin' Hudds happens to be my favorite inshore saltwater rod!

Tight lines ratman!
Nice hula and I love the rats bro lol and thanks for the name change lol
I totally get your collection addiction. I have the same problem. But my weakness are those damn megabass jerkbaits.
Threw the 40 size rat this weekend no takers but love the action and can't wait to throw it again. Also picked up the nasty shad color as well only need the silver to complete tell set
You must have been one of the guys to wipe out Coyote's stock of the 40's! I stopped by two days after they got them in, all gone!
Nope got mine at fishermans warehouse
I just got the grey colored baby rat BBZ-1 30 for my birthday. I heard that the morning dawn color has been one that is a go to color for a lot of anglers. Has anyone here noticed a particular color that tends to work better than the rest.
Yeah in the 50 size white or black