Re: Crazy Morning

No one has been posting much lately so I decided Ill post something. My weekend was made... This morning I went fishing in the ponds at my grandparents house in Sacramento (visiting them right now) and right away i got 3 small bass. None were over a pound. The rest of the morning... nothing. So i went to the next pond over and i saw a school of carp going by so i quickly set up for carp with bread and 5 minutes later i got a ten pound carp. I casted back out with bread and nothing for half an hour and then out of nowhere my line goes tight so i set the hook and zzzziiiinnnnggg. This thing almost spooled me in less than a minute. So I started gaining line and im thinking this must be a 30lb carp. Then it shows itself and I get it in. It wasnt a carp. it was a gigantic catfish. I weighed him and he ended up being 16lbs. It was crazy. Noone even knew there were catfish in those ponds. Everything was released.
Right on man way to go
That's a huge cat, nice fish! Should have knifed the carp though ;)
Lol ik. A lot of people there fish for em and the bass fishing sucks anyways
Right on man I went fishing this Christmas Day and caught my first carp.