Recommend me a new drop shot rod...

Looking at the Dobyn's SSM702SF and the Powell Max 702 MLEF.
I would consider the Shimanos but I'm partial to cork grips.
What makes for a good DS rod exactly?
I own the Powell Max 702 you described. It is a little heavy for your typical 3/16oz dropshot weights-IMO. That being said, this is the rod I dropshot with (only spinning rod I own), and I have no problem feeling bites as long as it isn't too windy for the light weight. I bought some heavier dropshot weights to try when it's windy but I haven't tried them yet. I love this rod for throwing a 5" senko. I've thrown 6-7" too and it handles them fine. It retails for $139 at Coyote Bait.
Phenix M1, 7'2", M XF - honestly I'm new at drop shotting but I used this rod for 9 hours straight last Sunday and never got fatigued with casting/twitching. I don't know what the difference a few inches in length makes besides some extra casting distance, but the rod is super sensitive and I just had to barely tap the blank (either my thumb tapping down on the exposed section of the split grip, or my forefinger tapping up just above my other hand where it grips the rod) to get my plastics to come alive. Just make sure you get a rod that's sensitive and stiff enough to let the rod do most of the work.
I have the dobyns savvy series 702 and the powell max 702. I like both of them. I have used both for dropshot. Overall I like the powell better but my normal dropshot rod when I go to tournaments is the dobyns. Can't go wrong either way.
RippinLips24 wrote:
Overall I like the powell better but my normal dropshot rod when I go to tournaments is the dobyns..

Thanks!, can you elaborate on this because this rod will undoubtedly be used for other techniques(darterheads, tubes,maybe senkos, etc.)
BTW, I meant "Thanks!" to all responders. Every bit of info helps!
After years of fishing spinning rods exclusively, I have found myself lately using only casting rods. I'm actually pretty happy/successful dropshotting on a Dobyn's 733, but I'm probably missing some hits. This will most likely be the only spinning rig I will regularly carry with me, so the more versatile, the better.
I have used both for dropshot neko rig tubes dartheads. They are very similar rods. I just like the way the powell feels. IMO it's lighter
Thanks again
Powell 701 spinning
It is for all the techs you mentioned.
Although 7" senkos are a bit heavy for it but still can be fished with it.
dobyns are good all around but i dont own a dobyns spining reel. I use crucials personally. if you can find the cork handles, the 7'2" Med. xfast is my go to rod. I got the new model crucial with the EVA handles Med. fast action. I really like the x fast and it makes a huge difference with me, I've grown to like both. they both can handle drop shots, neko rigs, plastics on jigheads, tubes, etc. the new crucials allow you to put your finger right on the blank above the reel seat. it was weird at first because my previous rods had foregrips but once youre used to it its sensitive. For a drop shot rod i look for length, power, lightness, sensitivity and backbone.
I might be able to get over my cork handle thing, the no foregrip will definitely feel weird. None of the rods I'm considering has one... I assume a 2500 series reel would be the correct size for this set-up?
What about this? It's a pretty smokin'deal. Regularly a $240 rod. Too long?
Dobyns Champion Spinning Rod 7'6" Med Lt
Fast 6-12lb 1/8-1/2oz 8+Tip Champ Spin B
Handle 12-3/4" $174.99
762SF. Perfect for fishing Dartheads, Shaky Heads, Tubes & Gitzits, Split-Shot Rigs.
you may consider the g loomis dsr 820 very nice, i have that rod in spinning and bait caster, almost never use the spinning rod, also have an 822 in spinning. i have caught a butt load of fish on 'em, they work really well using the reel into 'em technique, no hammer down hookset required.
2500 reels are perfect. the shimano Ci4 is pretty sweet. depends if you like a lighter power you can stick wit the 762. i personally like medium actions. But its all preference. just go to your local shop and put it in your hands and see what you prefer.