Reggae on the Mountain Micro Brew Festival apr.3-5 Not CL

April 4th at Bear Valley Ski Resort. We are the yearly reggae band for this event over the years, and it is time once again to lively up the mountain, for the closing out of the season. They say we can be heard all the way up the mountain as high as the lifts will take you. I was going to Clear Lake, but now I have to cancel out on fishing that weekend. I forgot about the gig. 8-)
Cmon you fishing beer drinkers, come out and join the fun...I know the weather is nice and you all want to fish. I can't blame you, I wanted to go fishing too, but this is an anual event for me and my musical friends...We get paid, free lodging and lift tickets with gear, all weekend long. Going to ride the ski lift to the top and have ski patrol pick us up on snow mobiles and run us down the mountain. Sort of nice getting special treatment and having the run of the place.
I cant Im going fishing!! LOL sounds fun thought!!
Im already in trouble with the lady for skipping April 12 Easter day for going fishing!
I cant skip out of town to much!! Or I would be their....maybe I should be single again for the next 4 months??? (8-| lol