Report: Calero, Coyote, Berryessa

Figured I would share a report since I always come here for info. Fished Calero and Coyote from the bank off of chunk rock on 12/30. Fished the narrows at Berryessa from boat. Probably will be good to wait a week or so without rains to let water clear.

Coyote: Muddy. No fish between three guys from the bank. Fished jigs, c-rigs, crankbaits, and finesse plastics off chunk rock heading towards the dam. Oddly enough the closer we got to the dam the worse water quality.

Calero: Brown stain. Also no fish. Fished much of the same stuff, plus rip baits and drop shots. Fished both lakes between noon and 4:30

Berryessa: Caught 11 fish. Most in the morning between 8 and 10. Main lake points in 20+. Caught mostly spots with largemouth and smallies as well. Hard to get bit after noon. Clear water near dam and lightly stained after the opening near the Pleasure Cove arm.
Thanks for the report. I can add a report for Anderson on 12-30-12. Water is stained. 2 of us fished 10am to 1pm and no fish. Used many different soft baits on Carolina rig and also rattle traps, spinner etc. Nothing at all. Water is up about 5 feet from a few weeks ago.
Thank you guys for the reports and Happy New Year! (Sorry I don't have anything to add as I haven't fished for two weeks. )