Reservior water clarity?

Has anyone gone fishing today?

Is the water still clear? or muddy now?
I'm pretty sure with the occasional rains it will be muddy for a while almost everywhere....
ive only fish anderson and pinto lately but pinto is still clear after this last rain. anderson stays pretty darn clear even after rain. i can't tell you if the last rain did anything to anderson but im sure its fine.
I agree with Marce. I went out to the local pond today which was pretty muddy. And with the local reservoirs having run offs (e.g. creeks) that flow into them, they will get pretty muddy.
Thanks a lot for the nice information.
There is an old saying "cold and muddy water holds no bass"

I am going to save some gas money by staying at home until the water is clear again. :-)
Dude, don't sleep on it.
Get out there an get your line wet. That's the only way you catch em.
Went to the Percs today and caught two-one lb dinks and
Lost a 3-3.5 lb'er right at the shore ( sucka tried to hit the bush next to me,
And my crappy 6-lb test failed me yet again ).
And the water was hella muddy....they still hit it.
Just gotta use the right stuff [8:)
Cold and muddy really doesn't describe this last storm. The majority of the rain fall was in the low 50s, which is warmer than most the local reservoirs have been. Rain runoff also picks up heat from the ground which it runs over, so its probably warmer than you think. When it gets sunny, muddy water will absorb more heat than clear water, to the point of where the more muddy upper portions of a lake might be 3-4 degrees warmer than the lower part. Plus, rising water means the craws will move their borrows up into newly flooded banks. No reason to not fish the runoff [!]