Salmon in Almaden Lake? WTF?

So I headed out to fish Almaden Lake last week and stumbled across this guy laying on the shore. I was shocked when I almost tripped over it's giant head! The mofo was HUGE! It's about 22 inches! Never knew salmon (if it is a salmon) existed in Almaden Lake. Maybe it got lost and never found it's way back?

Anyways.. on to the pics.
Whoa...pretty interesting find. That thing looks fairly big.
That is a Salmon right? It looked freakin scary cuz it has nasty looking shark teeth.

Oh yeah, and also found this near the salmon. Maybe he overdosed on heroin? [green]
Looks like a salmon to me, but not 100% certain. I have seen some salmon with teeth like that.

Looks like he just couldn't handle the horribly tough bass fishing that lake offers and OD'd. lol
Might be a steelhead
Salmon for sure ! looks like about 7-8 lbs.
I am sure the "heat" of the local lakes probably kills most of them eventually .
They need 40-50 degrees to sustain , when those lakes get hot , like 75 degree's , gotta be hard on them .
Somebody posted a few months ago about Del Valle having salmon stocked in it , that lake is deep enough to sustain cold water and have them survive.
kinda cool .
I caught some Kings in Alaska a few years ago , 30-35 lbs and those fish are totally on steroids ,
super fun to catch and eat.
Salmon come up the Guadalupe River to spawn and that why you find them in almanden lake
Yup that's a small male king salmon. Could've died after spawning or any other reason. Water temps, poor health, trapped in the lake
Theres are few people on SJB that have caught salmon and steelies out of Alamden. It does happen yearly...
yea small male salmon i saw that on Friday and took pics too lol was a lot more decomposed though when i found it, is also a hatchery fish notice the clipped fin. Many of the pen raised salmon are having trouble locating and returning to proper spawning rivers. It is interesting to note the coloration, the fish appears to have not been in fresh water for an extended period of time or would be reder and blacker. I am going to send this to my old teacher at sjsu and see what he has to say. If i would have found it in that condition would have tried to take the head to get the pit tag analyzed.
Yea, it hasn't been in fresh water for to long. Creepy freakin teeth man,
those are nothing compared to the chum salmon i have caught in alaska, they dont call them dog salmon for nothing
Give me a dollar I'll eat it.