Salmon opener, 04/06!

Here's some info on the opener. I won't make it out until later this month. Who's going opening day?
Thanks for that link Steve. That report by Allen Bushnell on your link is one of the guys on the kayak forum. He and others should be able to give us some good intel when we go in May.
Yeah buddy!

And has anyone reported as of yet? Too early...?
Not to hot from what I've heard. These high winds may change things though. has some updates -

Not a very good opener from the counts, certainly not like last year.
Yea, I saw the reports on opening day and it was not good. Seems like HMB has the better bite as of Sunday.

Looks like all the small runts are around, which should make way for the big boys soon hopefully. Can't wait to get out there!