San Jose Bass T Shirts!!!

Well who got 'em..
I bought 2, so I can rep my favorite local site from the "Silly Valley" Area while out on the
the water... one white xxL and one grey XL...

Thanks Marce, Marone , and Jerbs..

On a Side Note,
Hey I was wondering if you would like to do a sticker run to rep the site as well...?
Just like the one on JR's back window...
I have one now I can use as a template or design...
I have the sticker machine available to me and the person who can do it.. I was quoted a price of about 40.00 for the layout, and I don't think it was to much for the stickers once the template was done... let me know.. "PM" me and give me the green light so we can take this site to the next level!!!

The person that would be making them is Nelson Gong (Nelson's OutBoard Service In Prundale)... he own his own outboard motor shop and has a great line of bass tackle as well.
All the good plastics, crankbaits, swim baits, reel and rods
Dolbyns, Powells, Carrot Stix, Shimano Reels and more...
He is honest and extremely awesome with motors.. his pricing is very affordable if not better than most marine shops.

Let me know
You're welcome man!!!!!

With the spawn just a few months around the corner Marone and I are going to re-invent San Jose Bass. Stickers sound good to me, but work it our with Marone if you can.

Tight lines!

Hey DUDES!!!!!

Sorry I haven't drop by in awhile. Been super busy running and working on some other things. I haven't even been fishing that much [8|] My boat is runnin tits and prespawn is about here though...

Anyways, all shirts that have been ordered were shipped the next day and should be there within 4 days.
Super limited supply, so get'em before they're gone!

Fish on!!!!
Thanks Jerbs...
Got my shirts today in the mail... total sweetiness!
Been wanting one for awhile now, now I have 2. this is great!
Time to rep boys!!