San Jose Bass Video #1

Well, for those of you (well, most of you) who sent in your photos to new San Jose Bass Photos section, here's my little token of appreciation. My brother and I created this video for you guys, and we certainly hope you all appreciate it.

I can't wait to start making our next video. Thanks for making this all happen brothers!!!

Tight lines! Enjoy.

Marce & Mario
F#$%% SWEET!!!!
Some good footy/photos in there...nice job with the editing too.
Thanks for contributing Jerbs!
Dude, BAD A$$!!!
OMG that was freakin sweet!! Great editing/music.

Thats a sweet Slide show
Marce you and Your Bro are awsome......long live SJB #1 on the WEST COAST........
That was freekin sick dude!
Great slideshow with the videos mixed in! Great music too!

Makes you want to get out and fish!


Im sure it cool though....
Hey Rick,

Can you see the "Featured Video" on the front page? Try clicking on that one and let me know if you are able to view that.


hell ya man, great piece... damm do I ever not fish without that shirt on....
Actually, you should now be able to view the one I originally posted. I changed it from Quicktime to Flash.

I love that shirt, I wish I still had my white one... Hats will be online soon!
SWEEET VID MARCE!!!!! [8|] [8|] [8|] [8|] [8|]

I cant wait for u to put together another!!!!!!! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Nice vid...but nothing of my sons 4lber in it????? (8-|

I couldn't use any of the photos that were posted in the older version of the Photos section. Resubmit, and I will be sure to include it in Volume #2.


Great Video Marce. I need to start making sure i fish with my Helmet cam a little more so I can get you some footage. Currently nothing to show for. If i go out this week I'll set it all up and see what I can come up with.
Awesome stuff right there Marce.............when is SJBTV coming to comcast FSN
NICE VIDEO MARCE!!!!!..thanks for puttin me first lol ...great job!!!!