San Jose State University College BASS Fishing Club FLW

Whats up guys? I currently took over for San Jose State University Bass Fishing Team. It is a club sport at SJSU. I am currently looking to see if anyone here is interested in signing up.

The only requirements are:
Full time SJSU Student for Spring 2010
Valid Student ID
Club membership with the FLW ($35)
Rods & Reels
Life jacket

Everything is paid for by SJSU or the FLW. I currently need 3 people.

If you are interested, please send me a message. If you have friends that want to do this as well that go to SJSU, send me their contact info. Our next tournament is at Lake Mead in May.
Damn...I woulda been on that if they had that when I went there.
Ok so if anyone has any friends, i thought by posting our sponsors it may pull some people in.

We currently have...

Coyote Bait and Tackle
Tru Tungsten
Kevkel Baits
Paycheck Baits
Basstar Inc
Lucky Craft
Dobyns Rods
Abu Garcia
Skinny Bear

All active members competing in the remaining tournaments will be entitled to all sponsors.
Almost makes me want to go back to college. I assume no exceptions for those not attending the university?