San Justo

I am going to try out San Just this weekend. Your boat has to be 18 ft or less and it is electric motor only. My buddy did good there last week and another friend of ours had a good day yesterday. I will most likely be out there on sunday. I will let you know how it goes.
Any of your buddies using swimbaits? Being that they stock trout in there they definitely have some beauitful biggies in that little reservoir.

Also, the local anglers take care of that place and often times you'll see them dumping in some structure such as x-mas trees during the slow season.

I caught a trout there on a brush hog once, it was the strangest thing. Let us know how it goes my friend.
My Buddies took the boat yesterday and one of them caught a 6lb 8oz off a x-mas tree. I think he going out again today. They really don't fish a swimbait, I know I will be using one when I go this weekend. I will keep you posted.
The trip to San Justo turned into a little tourney between me and some friends. We had three boats out there with six people. I ended up taking my Dad as my non-boater. I thought it was going to be a challenge for us to win, my Dad just uses what ever I let him of mine, he is a trout fisherman. Since I just got a new shaky head set-up, I let him use my other spinning rod and reel. Well lets say it worked great for him. He boated the most fish, the biggest fish and the first fish, that was out of everyone. We had a seven bag limit for each boat and my dads five best fish beat the other guys seven. He had a 3lb 9oz, 3lb 5oz, 2lb 5oz, 2lb 3oz and 2lbr. He caught a few more that were just under 2lbs but those were his best fish.

The bite was good but the lake had alot of boats. The morning was the best time. The only bad thing is it is a electric motor only. We fished most of the day and used the trolling motor, I had my buddy help me back in, I would have made it but with my boat and the wind I used up the battery pretty good. The other guys had smaller light boats and the had no problems.

I did manage one small hit on my swimbait but it didn't take it. I hear dof a guy losing a nice one on his swimbait in the morning.