San Luis & Forebay 11/8

Started out at San Luis at 6:30am out of Basalt and went to a cove close by the ramp and seen lots of birds and some fish busting.First cast I get drilled and miss it. About 15 mins later my dad hooks up but loses it next to the boat. Then my dad sticks another one on a rattle trap and lands it, 6lber on the boat. Then we see some fish busting in a pocket and I make a cast then Sergio makes a cast and bam Sergio Hooks up. Lands it and its a nice 25". Fished for a couple more hours and got nothing. Then we decided to head to the Forebay and started at around 9:30-10am. Didn't get anything for a couiple of hous no activity nothing. So we were fan casting on a flat I was still skunked and was starting to get worried. Throwing a River 2 Sea Bottom Walker bam stick one and it started pulling some drag and fight it for about a minute and finally get it on the boat, a 22"er. Almost back to back cast Sergio sticks one not a keeper but still finally signs of life. I ended up getting one more dink and Sergio got about 3 more.All but one on Swimbaits. Also got two of the fish caught on film.
First one is Sergio sticking the 24" at San Luis.

Second one is me bringing in the 22" at the Forebay.
nice fishin! what kind of swimbaits were you using?
Your dads comment was funny sheet... " I was hoping you werent going home with a skunk"...

And I love the Bill Dance Hat look too :D ....

Sweet catches.. I hoping to get out there on friday morning if I get my boat back for the shop in time.... you guys didnt get any on hammerheads huh? All traps?...
Congrats regardless... I always look forward to your posts....
Another excellent Father & Son outing!! lol Congratulations and thanks for sharing those very cool videos.
I got my fish on the Big Hammers and Sergio got his on the Fish Traps. Also that was Sergio that said," I hope you weren't going home with the skunk."But still my dad wanted to crack up when he heard that.
Nice vid Thanks for sharing.........can't wait for Jr. to get better....I hate when my fishin bud is down...
Nice report dmun! Toons loaded and ready to go. I'm heading out first thing in the morning to the Forebay! Wish me luck!
Dude, this is one of the best reports I've ever seen on here. And THANKS!!!! for posting some video and using the proper YouTube embedding code. You're the man!!
Thanks Marce, means a lot.Iron Man I was using Big Hammers it just a white swimbait.
Here's a link. ... BHSBT.html
nice report with video dmun......great fishin there.
YEAH!! You got it man...the bug that is, and DA SKILLS! We got to caravan to the Delta sometime.

I like the report. Let me know if you ever have a extra seat too! Heading out this Saturday.

Oh and the River 2 Sea Bottom Walker, love that bait. Lasts long and has rattles in the tail...shhhhhhhh }:(
Dude, I bought some of those bottom walkers a couple of months ago, those thing are bad ace!