san luis obispo fishing

hey guys heading out to san luis obispo today gonna be there for the rest of the week gonna fish the piers...i was gonna fish lake lopez but thats like an hour drive from my hotel.. but i am gonna go to tackle warehouse ill post pics of my fish when i get back..
see you guys at the end of the week
Good luck man!
hey guys im back it was kinda slow over there.. i got 2 undersized cabezon i think but i wasnt sure wat they were anybody know? and got 3 starfish about 14 king fish and 4 jack smelt didnt get pics of all the fish because i wanted to release them as fast as possible i only took a few pics .. and went down to tackle warehouse it was pretty cool but it was super small i would expect it to be bigger but i guess thats just the website i just got a few things, like more jigs and some more of my secret are the pics
i lived in slo the last 5 years. fishing is VERY slow down there. You couldve tried Santa Margarita Lake. It use to be good. I've caught a 7 lb bass there. Lake record is 15 lb. Lots of trout fishing too. havent fished there in a while cuz the water level was super low. If you are ever back in slo I would try that lake.
wow man, sounds like you had fun!!! Thats so cool!! never seen a star fish take bait like that... Totally awsome that you got some pics to show us. Hows the water look out there? Nice and clear blue?
ya i did have fun even though a bit slow because i got all those fish in a 4 day period... but the water was very nice