San Luis res video

San luis res bass fishing, has any one done it this year? Ive made about a half dozen trips this year and I wish I would have had my video camera rolling every time. Largmoulth and Spot population is growing fast! :)
LOL nice add [8|]

But no i have not been out their yet this year
Soon I hope!!!! Was that a video from this year?
Or years past??? Looks like you were on the fish!!!
Ya that was from some nice days in February the water is 20ft higher now.
COOL!!!! Now we just need the rain to stop!!!!!
Here's a nice specimen from San Luis my dad got 5.5 lber caught recently.....Looking for towards Saturday Jason..
NIce video and nice fish man! thanks for sharing
SLR definitely has some nice largemouth im surprised not more people fish for them. everyone is hung up on the stripper population. Great post
I fish the O'Neil Forebay quite a bit in a toon. There is a weedline that holds a lot of LMB. You wouldn't know it because most are chasing the stripers but the LMB are out there.