San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail

Hey guys I was at the Santa Clara Golf & Tennis golf course today for a high school golf match and I play #2 on the team and since our group finished first, we had a lot of time to spare while waiting for the others to finish. Well I dont like just sitting around so I crossed the bridge and went onto the San Tomas Aquino trail, looking for signs of any fish, and some KFC. Well while I was walking I realized I only had 3 bucks so I thought of not going to KFC and just checking out the trail more.. While walking I heard a splash at the creek and I looked all around and saw 2 HUGE carp jumping at the creek.. this wasn't just once they jumped about 4 times.. I ran over there as fast as I could and I saw those beasts :D :o Well the moral of the story is are you allowed to fish there? If I could fish for carp there that would be perfect.. there are so many in there