sandy wool?!?!?

mainly fish it for trout but recently heard that there are some bass in there and that they have been pulled out but i fish that lakly reguarly since i only live 2 minutes from it and today went up to try for bass and nothing anyone evr fish it??? wanting to see if its a true statment of fact or just a myth (8-|
I’ve been fishing Sandy Wool for about 29 years and have never caught or seen a bass caught from this lake. I did however one time a see what looked to be a 5 lber cruising the banks about 4 years ago. I knew this one cat from back in that day that was planting fish that he caught in the delta but after they drained it I don’t know how well the population held up. If I was targeting bass in M-town I would just fish Hidden Lake and call it a day.

u can fish in hidden lake haha i never knew that
well i tried hidden lake and nothing tried senkos rattl spinner n a rappala ntohing alsot threw out some carp bait and yet again nothing well maybe ill try again soon
theres bass in sandy wool. Try throwing a small spinner over by where the creek flows into the lake. You just might pull out a 5 incher. haha.
Serious. I caught fry all day long one day late last year. None were bigger than 6 inches though.
oh and stay away form hidden lake, it's hidden...... (8-|