SanJoseBass Standings flw

SanJoseBass Standings

These are before the last tourney adding all table rock points for
CaBassBusters21 2,462 table rock 5000plus CaBass you are leading i think
i will post when the results are added
League Rank Name Team Points Full Roster for

1 Raggamuffin Rippin 566's Team 4,508
2 Bassin Nirvana 3,656
3 Gary709's Team 2,494
4 AlmadenBassMaster 2,462
5 CaBassBusters21 2,462
6 TATAN 1,562
i don't think it was that many points. It wasn't a double or triple tourney so not to many to add. Only like 4400 or something
yeah okay mister only 4400 point for a single tourney ah shut up!! [8|] [8|] [8|]
I only got like 2400 you rocked it lol lol lol
Can't believe I'm in the lead! Seeing is believing I suppose. Still a close race! Good luck guys!
I think you will be in second place after they post the scores from this last tourney you guys are killing me
I think he still has first. I looked at the points from the last one and even with my good picking a few of the guys still did very well in the points and this race is going to be close
you are right!! RagMuffin in first
6992 RagMuffin
6934 CaBassBust
6341 Bass Nirvana
4983 almadenbass
Wow barely hanging on to the lead. Good kuck next round guys. Thanks for the update save me from having to log
What happened to me
Team Points
5 GARY709'S TEAM 4,748
6 TATAN 3,662
Thanks Ragga I think I am going to try and do a little more to research and think about my picks this time
No needed to be included too. Sure it was just an oversight. That site is a bit messy and difficult to read, as well as new to me. This is the first time I played the espn fantasy fishing and flw. It sure helps to do research, but there is a whole lot of it to do. It gets frustating to do all the research and bomb when it's all said and done... [green]