Saturday 3/15 Fishing at the Reservoir

Didn't find any fish in the shallows on the creek end, just a ton of people fishing everywhere, so I fished some deeper water and caught a few in the 2lb range and a few smaller ones. Ended up hooking a massive carp while yo-yoing my lipless crank in the shallows. The trebles hooked some line, a hook and sinker all tangled in the carps mouth from it previously breaking someone off. Those damn things fight harder than catfish, bass, anything, they just don't stop running. He was like 10lbs, so I just cleaned the line out of his mouth and released him. The bass all came on the finesse worm, with a few more missed on the finesse worm and senko, and one that got off the lipless crank, but no real takers on the lipless. I've been to 2 other local lakes, and none of them have too many fish cruising the shallows. Still a bit slow.
nice fish. sounds like a productive day
sweet fish bro.. cool story about saving a fish lol... its still crazy to me how low the water levels are all around
Yea that's why I go to Lexington. It's huge and I can easily find deep water if I want to. Should start cracking off in a few weeks like usual.