Say good bye to the easy meal big bass ... tocked.pdf

[8|] yeah look at the bottom. You see yote on there. [8|]
loch lomonds on there too - don't know if this is good or bad or both
Thats suks!!!!! >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-(

Its says the list is subject to change....Lets hope for the best....

This could either b good or bad for us swimbait guys....

Bad---Bass might not hit our baits as frequent :0 :0

Good---They might just smash more at them cause of a depleted food source!!!! ;| ;|

Good post thanks for the info. Might help the bite, but also slow down the growth rate of the bass. Time will tell...
it will keep the trout trollers off the lakes, sucks for trout heads
This will make the swimbait, frog, lizard, and shad fishin all that much better. Yote has a huge shad population and those toads probably rely more on them especially now that it's getting colder and when the shad die off. Hudd shads will be a great bait out there along with spinner baits.
now that really sucks >:-(
From another angle, apparently a bunch of flippin' Stanfurd law students made a class project out of stopping the DFG from planting trout. The reason they cited was that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) wasn't performed before the planting started. Nevermind that trout planting in California has been going on for over 100 years. Let's see, trout have been planted in these waters for over a century. Don't we already have a pretty good idea of what the 'impact' is going to be???

Seems like the folks on this board want to know what the impact is going to be if they STOP planting trout. Maybe those *&%#@# Stanfurd students should spend their time doing something worthwile for a change, like fixing the economy (or learning to play football :D ) instead of ruining a simple pleasure for all of us.
All of this because they are afraid of the stocked trout intermingling and changing the "native" bloodlines?? After 100 years of doing just that??? WTF!?
Now what are my "non-native introduced Florida strain bass" going to get fat on??
Non-native introduced threadfin shad??
Or maybe endangered "native" steelhead fry???
HMMM. Maybe I'll go throw a Yum Crawdad and think about it.

For all you SB guys, They are majorly dumping food sized trout into Del Valle, 'while they still can.
SB Stripers anyone??? See ya out there!!
just goes to show how &^^$%# people are today and have no clue whats going on outside their little world!!
Here is the article on it
Wow the news about the endangered frogs in the Bay Area waters? Showed San Pablo...Something about saving the endangered frogs. If I listened right, they mentioned possibly restricting fishing at certain inpoundments! I should have taken more notice of the frog picture. I wanna go to as many of those listed places for top water froggin! Since the frog pop. is going to go up and the trout pop. going down from non stocking...hum? The next on the food list may be the endangered frogs. What color are they? I want to buy that color pattern for future sneaks...LOL!