Seaside, Marina or Smudowski this weekend

Anyone out on the beaches this weekend? Will be over at one of the beaches above this Sunday early. Then again Monday morning. Perch, Stripers whatever comes along. 8-)
beachpotato wrote:
Anyone out on the beaches this weekend? Will be over at one of the beaches above this Sunday early. Then again Monday morning. Perch, Stripers whatever comes along. 8-)

Swell is supposed to be up, keep an eye on the ocean & good luck man!
I heard the same thing about the tides on the radio.
So better bring that sand chair of yours and stay away from the rip tides. ;)
I'd suggest Zmudowski or just a wee bit south of Seaside...both have *supposedly* been hot lately.
Ha-Ha I did in fact bring my beach potato chair [green] GLOU! one day (Sun) and went light on Monday. Saturday was saved for the wife and Valentines day.

The weather was awesome on Sunday was out at Tioga Beach Seaside. Actually a bit north of there. If you park in the center behind OSH there is a walkthrough under HWY1 to the beach. Got out there early, tons of surf fisher guys. Didn't see too many catching..just fishing. Frickin strike out day man. I perched with grubs, sandcrabs. I tried for stripers with a hairraiser, metal. Nothing. Not too many guys were catching anything. Late in the day one of my Philippino friends (made on the beach that day ;) named Primo-was walking out and showed me the 5 pound striper he put in his backpack. Caught on a bloodworm.

Went out yesterday again just a couple of small perch for 4 hours of fishing. It was eery early as the fog was in and I couldn't see my lure when throwing it out. It was kind of cool though. I went to Fort Ord state beach- walked north. I thought for sure in the water I was throwing in that I could actually see the Stripers in front of me [green] . I knew on every cast, this was the one get ready for the rod to get hammered. This beach is steep man so the water is deep super close to shore. Careful not to loose your footing here. NOT >:-( ;( ! As I was walking back and talking with fisher guys and passing them by it was Nada for everyone it seemed. Weather again was awesome as it cleared up around 9am.

BTW: Went to Reservation Road the state beach there on Sun morning the gates were locked at 6:30 am. That's when I went back to Tioga Beach in Seaside. Then yesterday morning I went to Ford Ord State Beach and those gates were closed at 7AM. I waited outside gates until 7:20 and just hiked in after that.

Thought about Smudowski Sin Coast love that beach, next time.

Anyway wish I had more to report- next time.
Hahaha...It would not be you without the Beach Potato Chair! lol !!
I was planning on perching, but decided to fish Yote for bass which was a poor decision.

My younger brother went to Pismo for perch and sent me some pics that were all caught on grubs.
Biggest was this 18" fatty!
suhweet fat mother of big perch [8|] !. If only this last weekend..... damn next time.... has anyone out there done the "long walk" in the Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge? Park in the dirt at the end of Del Monte Ave and then from what I understand 1/4 mile to the beach for really good fishing?
Went to Reservation Road the state beach there on Sun morning the gates were locked at 6:30 am. That's when I went back to Tioga Beach in Seaside.

Hey BP, when the gate is closed, we normally park in the one of the 8 parking spots just outside the gate. The first time we fished there we saw 3 other cars and saw anglers walking towards the beach so we did the same. :)

I'm thinking of trying Seaside this weekend. Maybe I'll run into you.
I'll keep my eyes open for sand chairs ;)
The people who go to longwalk love it. I personally hate it because it's way more than a qtr mile and no dogs allowed (unless you're hunting lol). Also, that lot is rumored to have break-ins so hide your valuables. Don't even think about driving out there if it's rained recently either...because you WILL get stuck. Other than that, it's a cool spot. I always work northward towards the rivermouth, concentrating on the area around the old barge.
At Reso, if the gate is locked you can also drive north on that side road past Kula Ranch and park in the culdasac, then walk over the sand dune. The newish Ft Ord Dunes state park is a cool spot too.

Anybody here doing the 11th annual Sand Crab Classic on 3/14? I'm already signed up.
cool thanks Sin- yeah you probably saw my previous post I did Fort Ord on Monday am. Gate was closed at 7:20AM, so I just hiked it in from the gate to the beach. It only added an additional 10min easy walk. Strike out on Monday-damn I was sure I could see the Stripers through the foam [8|] - I had a bead on em lol , but nuttin ;( Hairraiser Jig, Plastic Swim Bait, Metal jig.

Oh well as long as there is a tomorrow i'll be fishing the surf again and soon-maybe this Friday i'll sneak off to Davenport :D
Unfortunately (not for me) headed to Scottsdale AZ on 3-14 for SF Giants spring training for 4 days.
Went to long walk on Tuesday. Tough fishing, water was too flat. I mean almost no waves.
Walked south to where I know there are a couple good areas. The indigenous peeps we're packing it up when I got there about 0830. The group of 3 only caught a few.
Found 2 rips that were holding fish but they were tight on the beach, only @10 ft out on drop offs.

My buddy got 5 and I scratched out a limit. Throwing back a couple smalls.
good post Albycor, did you try casting out for any stripers? Was it Gulp Camo Worm and sliding sinker for the Perch?

Good pics, btw how do you cook and prepare those?
Didnt try for stripers . I use a 2 inch grub. Seems like the bigger ones like it better plus I don't go through as many lures. I like the sand worms but I can go through a lot of em and they are $. I also use a regular round weight attached to a d ring coast lock swivel. I then put a barrel swivel on the end and tie my leader to it. This set up works for the way I fish and doesn't roll around in the surf as much. I am almost always constantly retrieving my lure.

Make sure you take care of fish after catching em. I keep em chilled while fishing with cold packs. Perch don't freeze well so I almost always eat em fresh. Give em a 5 minute dunk in an ice slurry to firm up the meat and kill any parasites. Careful not to add to much water, just enough to coat the fish. chlorinated water tends to make saltwater fish mushy. I pan fry em in a cast iron skillet with a bit of peanut oil on high heat, about 1.5 minutes each side. i sometimes just use salt and pepper and sometimes use egg wash with bread crumbs. They turn out pretty darn good.
albycor - what size is that coast lock swivel?