Seaside Stripers

My brother and I decided to hit Seaside on Sunday after hearing that stripers were being caught along the beach. We ran into one angler that pulled a 22" using sand crabs. There were sand crab shells all along the beach from the stripers gorging themselves.

We found a couple live sand crabs along the beach, but I was not sure how to hook them to keep them alive. We tossed hair jigs, big hammers and crocodile spoon, but not a bite. We also tried for perch, but did not get a nibble with either sandworms, grubs or peeler crabs. Maybe all the Stripers scared them away. Water was really clear, tide was coming in and swells were really small.

We decided to fish familiar waters and headed to Marina, but the lot was full with 5-6 cars waiting for spots to open up, so we headed south to Del Monte Beach to see if we could get some action. Nada ;(
Glouie, tough Sunday that was me the weekend before in the same area. I'm never sure how to hook up Sand Crabs. Some say hook em through the head, leaves a scent trail and they can't dig into the sand when they're out there (which they do-even if hooked just drop one in the water in front of you those little buggers will go under the sand with a hook in em). Some leave em alive. I keep hearing these guys catch with Sand Crabs and I can get the sand crabs but have been largely unsuccesfull at using them ;(

I did go to Scotts Creek Beach north of Davenport last Friday and did well on Perch-mostly small but lots of em 12 to be exact :) . Also caught a Jack Smelt casting for Stripers.

Had a good day, cigars , when the time was right rested in the Beachpotato chair, had some peanuts, beer and then went back to fishing.
Hey BP, which I brought a chair and kicked back with peanuts and a beer. It would have been more rewarding than wandering the shore line looking for fish and coming empty handed.

Found an interesting article on hooking these boogers. ... dcrabs.htm
Yeah like I said, I had that the weekend before. 2 days fishing and nothing it was crazy and the conditions seemed to be similar to what you had. Clear water, not too crazy of waves. Who knows in that area maybe they were further out.

Interesting post on hooking the Sand Crabs. He didn't say whether he left em alive or not. I'll keep trying. I may see if I can get out this weekend again.

Was wondering if anyone else hit the surf fishing this last weekend?

Hey GLouie. I just found another article on hooking Sand Crabs.

If live squid is the candy bait of sportfishing on boats, then sand crabs are the candy bait of surf fishing. If you can find a big one with the eggs AND it has the lighter colored soft shell…hold on tight.

Robert’s setup is still a Carolina Rig (C-rig), but with a couple subtle differences.
1.Robert likes to put that little orange bead just above the hook as the big pregnant sand crabs have orange eggs. It’s kind of like that roe topping on your favorite sushi…it makes your bait look that much more irresistible.
2.Robert likes to use a circle hook instead of a J-hook. It serves the dual purpose of a more secure hooking of the fish, and making it easier to unhook post catch, preventing many of the throat hooks that could harm the fish.

This looks pretty interesting. Also read that if you put 2 on leave em alive one can dig into the sand one can't [0-] .

I'm going to try the orange bead above the hook with the Sand Crab on it.
Hey BeachPotato, another idea that may work is using orange yarn.
Steelhead and salmon anglers have bee using yarn for years and you can douse the yarn with procure or your favorite scent.
Just a thought. :)
GLouie, that's not bad at all! Love Creativity and trying something new. What can it hurt? Beads and yarn to imitate the roe. At least draw em in for the kill lol , i'll report back on beads and yarn and all things Sand Crab for bait :D
Thanks for the report & info guys.
The yarn serves 2's a visual attractor & you can add scent...but the main reason is because it gets stuck in the teeth of steelhead/salmon. So if they simply mouth the bait or if it brushes up against their jaw, the yarn will stick. Perch have a different type of teeth, but it could stick I guess. If anything, it might help due to the color & scent. It's worth trying.
Cool thanks for the info Sin Coast. I did not know that. Will be giving it a try. With the scent as well. Possibly going out this Sunday. Not sure where somewhere around Pajaro, maybe Smudowski.