Shimano Clarus Flipping Stick To Trade

I have gently used Clarus 7'7" Flipping Stick MH.

CSCX77MHB 7'7" Medium Heavy Extra Fast line 12-20' power pro 30-65 Lure 3/8-1oz

I'm looking to trade with a rod which can handle a bit heavier lure, something like 1 1/2 oz, probably H action rod for punching.

PM me if you got something. Thanks!
I have a 7' 6" heavy x- fast action powell max that i would consider selling but not trading. I also have a 7'11" heavy powell max. I might consider trading for a different rod or reel. maybe something for striper??
I've been doing some shuffling of equipment recently, but for now I'm not interested in buying punch rod and don't have anything else to offer for trade. Sorry.
the 7'6 is meant for flipping and pitching. Thats what it is listed for. It says flippin stick right on the rod. I would trade it for striper gear if you are interested. if not i totally understand.
I guess they use flipping, pitching and punching interchangeably. I have no striper gear. I don't even know what constitutes striper gear [red]
lol i was thinking like round reels or shorter rods. i would be open to bass stuff as well