Shimano/Daiwa Crankin' Combo

This is a brand new Citica 200DPV 5.0:1 see review:



A new Team Daiwa S Fiberglass Cranking rod rated 1/4-3/4 oz


New the citica went for 120 and the rod around 100. I'm asking $150 email me at I am in San Jose
Whats the length of the rod?? Whats the raiting on the rod Med or Med Heavy? How many times used?
Good questions. It is a 7' rod medium action 8-17 lb line. Also the Citica has 10lb maxima already spooled on there. The condition is new. All I did was take the shrink wrap off the handle but honestly this reel and rod is in better condition than most product in a store.