Shore fishing access, Coyote and Calero

Hey guys,

Been reading for a few months and now that I can get out fishing a got a question for you guys. I am new to the area and have only had a chance to fish Anderson a few times with good success. I have friday off this week and want to try another lake. I fish from shore and since I have not seen Coyote or Calero, I wanted to ask which lake is easier to fish from shore and which lake you would recommend to hit up right now. I will just be throwing plastics from shore. Anderson has given me good numbers so far, but I understand the larger fish are at Coyote and Calero. Thanks! 8-)
Hey Pulse, welcome to the forums!

If it were me, and depending on where you live, I probably would walk the Calero banks right now. Once you park, you can either walk left or right and it's very likely that you will catch fish. To the left, it's more shallow and I would expect that you could possibly find some nice sized bass cruising around. Calero has always been good to me, and in the end it's my favorite home lake.

Good luck and tight lines!
Calero is my home lake also i wouldnt mind fishing there every day. There is just so much action in this lake its amazing. Coyote is a tougher place to fish if youre trying to catch something that day for some reason the fish there seems to be smarter or something. well just go out there and do some fishing you will find a spot you like and feeling confident.
Cool guys, thanks!
I've fished both of those lakes several times from shore. Either one is good for bass. I just can't afford to keep losing lures so I'm saving to get my boat operational. I've done my best at both lakes with a consistent weather pattern.
Welcome to the forums and good luck this season.
well I ended up hitting up Calero yesterday. I spent the whole day there and did a lot of walking! The first half of the day was really slow, I think the cool weather and rain on thursday was the reason. Up until 4pm I only had 4 fish, 1 on a white spinner bait and the rest on plastics. It was warm all day and it made for a good evening bite. Ended up with 10 fish, 4 of them about 2.5 lbs. They came up shallow in the evening and got active. I did see a boater land a bass that was over 5 lbs for sure, but i was not too close so it was tough to tell if it was bigger than 5. All in all it was a good trip, got to learn the lake but I can see that place getting pretty crowded on a weekend.

Just to chime in for ya on Coyote....this time of year the banks are rough terrain. The water is higher, and weeds are taller and go right up close to the shore. You have to worry about getting snagged up in the weeds on shore as you cast. Once the water level drops then Coyote is great from the banks and you can drive to multiple spots.

You've seen Calero...park once and walk, walk walk.....but it's got easier shore access for sure. So which direction gave you better success? South or north of the boat ramps?

I got 1 fish south of the launch ramp on the spinner bait and all the other 9 were in the north end of the lake. Just seemed like better depths and structure. Thanks for the info on Coyote
Hey Pulse (or anyone else),

Being someone who's hiked around alot of Calero myself, to varied success, I'd like to know if you noticed a drop-off from that large flat into deeper water that was reachable from the shore? I've tried to find it a couple times to no avail...maybe i'm just not walking far enough... lol lol
I did not fish that large flat much at all actually, I spent most of the time on the other side of the damn and water in let