Should I buy it

I am looking at this 1976 ranger 155A. It is in great condition every thing works and it has some extra that come with it what do you guys think should i get it.
I like the lil "tub"...
What ever makes you happy and gets you on the water..
What are they asking for it too if you dont mind my asking ...
It depends how much you paying for it......

I would wait by the looks of it....Something better will come along if u wait!!!!

How much? Looks cool. You can get one hell of a deal on used boats right now.

No matter what you boat you get, you are gonna spend ALOT more money to fish. Well worth it though!

Any boat you buy you need to at least do the following:

Compression test- Kragen sells them. Hook it up to each plug and crank the motor, but make sure it doesn't start. PSI should be similar within 10-15% on all cyclinders.
Transom check- Put lots of pressure on the motor and make sure the transom doesn't flex too much.
After taking it out for a spin- pull the plug and make sure no water comes out to make sure it has a legit hull

You could always pay a mechanic to look it over too. I think there is a guy in Morgan Hill.

Good luck man, be patient and the right one will come. This could be the boat, you never know.
There is an article about buying a used boat on the front page of WB. The first half talks about financing , or affording, a blingin boat. Not anytime soon for me, actually I hope I never have to finance a boat. The last part of it is more pertinent to someone buying their first boat.
Right on Jerbs Very Informative and the attention to detail Wow , you a lawyer or what lawyer. just bla...bored [green]

You don't want to inherit someone elses headache. A broken boat just stares at you, almost as bad as a pissed off better half....Good thing I don't have to worry about either anymore. [green]
I am going to take the boat to a guy I know who works on boats. Thanks Jerbs for all the info this will help when I look for a boat or if this is the boat I will go check the transom today when I get home.
The guy is storing his boat at my house and he never uses it so I ask him if he wanted to sell it. He told me to make him an offer and I did now we are at 1400. The boat used to be his dads and he said he didnt want the boat and he was willing to let it go so hopefully every thing on the boat is tits so I can have a new ride.
I would say 1000 for it. The reason being is becasue of the age of the boat and trailer. You will probably need to put some money in it do to it sitting. For example trailer tires and bearings are probably shot. The water pump in the motor and the lower end unit oil. I would pay 1000 for it maybe 1200 max. There are alot of good deals out there so don't rush. You can get a really nice boat between 2,500 to 5,000. I got my boat for 4,500.
nada priced it at $910 ... =MR&gtc=MR

Kenny is right. You are gonna have to go over it pretty well. Get the impeller changed at a minimum, along with old gas.
thanks guys for all the info I am going to keep looking and also I am going to try and get this guy to lower his price. We will see I dont have much money that is y I am looking at this boat