sick fish...

I've been fishin a little bit lately and the only big fish I've caught have been sick. >:-(

Caught one at calero with one gill practically hanging out. And one at anderson that was only like an inch thick throughout the body but had a huge head. Weights were around 4.5lbs for both fish.
Nice fish congratulations!! lol I heard some hooping and hollering at Calero last Saturday was that you? What are you throwing?
Haha....thanks! I love catching 4 pound fish that should be 7ish. lol You can see a part of the gill on one of those fish. I felt bad for it.

it coulda been me at calero. Grey and red skeeter. If you see me out there say hi.
Nice fish Kinda looks like a fat person who got skinny and there head stayed the same size
O'yeah...throwing jigs.
Nice post Jerbs, thanks man.