Sight Fishing in SC, 4/10

Fished Sunday afternoon from 4-sunset at a local park lake. Small place with some big fish and clear water. Ended up with 3 up to 3lbs or so sight fishing them. They arent on beds just yet, just sunning and marking bed territory for now. Got all 3 on dropshot, tiny little baits on light line. Got a couple of them interested in bigger stuff, but they wouldn't commit till I took out the small plastics. Got a couple pics, only going to put a fairly bland one up so as to not give location away (there were at least 15 other people fishing there, and some decided eating a good 3lb fish would be a good idea, till it flopped away lol) Haven't sight fished in a while, and it was a lot of fun, especially knowing they werent bedding yet and I could sight fish without much harm to an already depleted fishery.
Glad you caught some... and kept it quiet...Lots of fish in there for sure. I hope others aren't keeping them.
i think i know that spot!

gotta give it another go one of these days
Nice sight fishing can be fun, granted you can get the fish to bite. lol
santa cruz?
nice job bro!! we gotta get out sometime soon??? [green]
you got plenty of spots nick. leave some bass for the rest of us. L O L
Yeah Nick if you want to fish it, its over the hill in SC. Hit me up on a Pm, and I'll see if we can't meet up. Its a tough lake, but thats what makes it fun
is that westlake the lake that has signs posted everywhere saying fishing for under 16 years old or over 65 the ticket if you get caught is 250 bucks and the people call the cops all the time i know of 4 people who got one. be carefull ---gb