Simple question (maybe)

Will a bedding bass return to the nest after being released?
Yes. It may roam around the area for a bit but it'll make its way back to its bed again.
Yes they will!!! If not tourney fishing I deff release it back where I caught
it specially if it's pre soawn
I nailed a bedded twice in a day. They just need time to cool down. The majority of be bites are just them trying keep their beds clean for the females approval. Early bedding fish are more than likely the males prepping the beds, and the females may be a little deeper off the bed waiting, or just watching, so when you get the males to pick up your bait, and you hook them, you can see the female follow them up to the shore when you land it. Sometimes it's a few fish that follow, like yesterday we had one fish followed by 5 on lookers, but we are fairly sure they were just other males interested in a easy meal.

Correct me if I'm wrong though, this is just what I've experienced and read about. Also, beds are often 2'-5' off the shore and roughly 10'-15' apart, as bass don't like being near one another's beds while in spawn, kinda a territorial ordeal.
It will, if it is release there (unless it's been beaten by bed fisherman after bed fisherman, then they might eventually abandon).

It won't, if it is was released far (and fry's get eaten by bluegills.)