SJ tubing lakes?

I just recently got into fishing for bass from a tube. I am a 3rd year at UCSC, and this is my first year of getting out and about at places outside the 17 corridor. To my knowledge, Calero and Anderson are the only games in town right now, with Stevens Creek and Coyote closed to boating till next year. Any other local areas that I can tube?
Forget bass. go to quarry lakes and get your self some big ole trouts for dinner.
What up? I'm in SC too. Have you checked out Antonelli's pond on the west end of Deleware? I know you can tube in Pinto Lake in Watsonville. Have you fished at Loch Lomond much?
I fish Antonellis from the tube, I live close by. It suffers from algae issues, but I've caught fish there, and seen some nice ones. Good place to flip if you want to learn how.
I've fished Pinto. No tubes there, they don't allow body contact due to the algae issues there, unless Im mistaken. With the recent blue-green algae outbreak they found in there that is linked to killing sea otters in Elkhorn Slough, not sure I'd want to tube there anyways.

Loch Lomond I have not fished. You can't really get a boat on there without paying big fees. Its BS, because SC County coulda easily setup an inspection station and make far more money than they already do. But its become a playground for the few who can afford to keep their small boat or yak there.
Right, forgot about the alge issues at Pinto. I have never been, but I have seen info about others float tubbing there. I am actually planning on taking my boat out to Pinto this weekend for the first time!

I fish at the Loch all the time when its open and I just got a boat to store for next season. You are welcome to come out with me. I also work at UCSC.

Very cool. Yeah I need to fish Pinto more, I've heard it can be great. Im also looking into fishing San Luis and its forebay here sometime for largies. I didnt get to fish Loch Lomond this year, but plan to next year.
Im hoping to save and get a 10' Tracker jon cartopper. I fish the Sierras a lot too, and a small boat like that is not only a good bass platform (my preference for a lot of tackle doesnt sit well in a tube), it makes a good flyfishing pram too. Hopefully soon...I have a Valco at home in SoCal, but no car to tow with.

Good fishin',

kind of far from you but you can tube the santa clara valley water district (south san jose)
Is it legal to tube in the santa clara water valley district ponds??? I dont think u can...
I personally have never done it but I know few of the fellas from the forum have, not to mention I've seen many people using float tubes & pontoons out there without any problems from what I've seen.
It's my understanding that you cannot fish any waters in Santa Clara County without going through an inspection. This includes Almaden Lake and the Water District which are mandated by the City of San Jose.

I could be wrong, but this is how I understood the mussel inspections to work.