SJBAss FLW Fantasy League

Any SJBass members that want to join the League PM me for Info passwords etc
the first toruney is Feb 12 through 14

FLW Fantasy Fishing 2009
Hey just a reminder the season is just around the corner , i have won some cool prizes and always a chance for some cash,,,,,,,,,,give it a go. i finished last season around 1800 place outta 30 some thousand.............100grand given away every tourney

How to play FLW Outdoors Fantasy Fishing
1) Sign up for your free account
Sign up now for your free account on and you're halfway home to winning some of the greatest prizes ever offered in fantasy sports.
2) Get the Player's Advantage
With $10 million cash on the line, you surely don't want to go it alone. The Player's Advantage is the easiest way to gain the edge on the competition. It has all the stats, maps, expert analysis and tournament breakdowns to help you make the best picks possible.
3) Create and edit your team
Analyze the tournament roster and select and rank 10 anglers to fill out your team. Points are based on where anglers finish in each tournament.
4) Create or join a league
Join friends and family in a league all your own. Post league stories and images, talk smack on your league message board, and see who's the smartest fishing fanatic among the group. It's always more fun when you beat friends and family.
How the scoring works
What is Player’s Advantage?
Anatomy of an FLW tournament
Are you ready to go after your share of the cash and prizes? Join now!