SJSU needs bass fisherman

So its the start of the semester. We are looking for anglers who attend SJSU that want to compete in the College FLW or just be part of a fishing club. We have two boats in our club. I am open to anyone that takes classes at SJSU. If you know anyone interested please post here or send me a message.
Ok, how many classes do I need to take? ;-)
two classes, not PE lol
Marce wrote:
Ok, how many classes do I need to take? ;-)

How much a quarter to attend there, and what is required to attend your university. Maybe Marce and I can take a couple classes...mainly to fish.
At new crossroads in my life and this might be interesting. If I have a boat to sweeten my attendance, would I maybe, get extra guidance into becomming a student once again? Watch on tv all the time and keep thinking, "I wish this opportunity was offerred when I was graduating high school, as an incentive to continue my schooling." Maybe then one would get something out of college, instead of graduating for nothing after 4-10 yrs and being a speed bump of life. (8-|
damn only 2 more years for me!!!
I don't want to be a part of the tournaments but I would like to be in the fishing club if you guys do fishing trips and gettogethers.
Ender, please PM me ur tower id number, we will include you in any club events we have.

6 units cost i think 2k-3500