Skunkaro on this last day of 2007!

Ended up fishing from the bank today. Was very windy in the afternoon. I threw jigs/dropshot under the bridge and both sides of the bridge as well. Nada. Moved over to just below the bocce ball courts, fished jigs, wacky rig senko's and minnows under a bobber. Nothing on the jigs/senkos. Then I noticed my bobber took a serious dive under and immediately popped back up. When I reeled in, the minnow was gone. That sucker just ripped him off my hook and left me holding the bag. Oh time. Happy New Year everyone! Be safe out there tonight.
To bad you didn't get that fish that got away. You should look forward to next year.
hey!!! ya you gave me your minnows thank you sooo much me and my buddy axually missed 2 on them then he caught a 3.5 pounder
No problem. Welcome to the SJB boards! Glad you guys caught something. I might head out there in the morning tomorrow for a couple of hours. The fishing forecast on says it should be good before 9am, then again around 3pm.