Smart guy vs huge tarpon ... BjGPI9Z_oc
I'm pretty sure that was shot at Robbie's Marina down in Islamorada. Been there. Very cool to see the huge tarpon and permit swarming that dock. They sell you buckets of baitfish to toss to them and watch em' go nuts. They're like pets. They're even usually cool with you holding the bait and letting the fish maul your arm too. That dude is an butthead for jamming his fist through the fish's gills though. Anyone could do it, though most wouldn't even consider it. What a dick.

EDIT: this site auto-edited my post changing the word a$$hole to "butthead". The dude is an a$$hole. lol
Here's how normal folks do it. As fishermen, Robbie's can be a bit overwhelming. [green]
Man, that looks fun. I've been wanting to take a trip to Florida for years. One of these days.

And yea, that guy in the video was pretty stupid. I'm just glad that fish totally man handled him on land. lol