So how is the busted up seaweed??

I usually start thinking of some shore rockys/cabs and strawbeey perch about now, BUT, it seems we're a lttle late on the storms and big surf!?

Anyone been out between Santa Cruz and Half Moon lately? Report on the broken seaweed?? Has it started washing out yet, or is it still just washing around in my good swirls??

Curious with a half tank of gas and don't want to waste a day looking, only to find weeds, instead of fish!!??

hey Dink, havent been out there in a while, but the reports show that huge swells are showing up everywhere. This means that the weeds should be moving out and most importantly is it makes it dangerous to fish from the rocks.... and even more deadly from a small boat.
Just last week they found a boat over turned with 2 venteran fisherman in it.

Be careful out there.....
FYI for you folks, The seaweed is still out there, swirling in the good swirly spots!
Last info I got is a couple of more storms and good swell will finally wash it out!
Here's to a good shore bite for us all!! (even if it's a little late this year)